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16. januar 2019

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35 days of walking --
Sist oppdatert 23.07.2010 11:35

(Mottatt 18 juli)


My name is Michael Schildmann. I sat in your office on June the 10th, the next morning I started. My "problem" was that I was prepared for the western route and you told me it was better to take the Eastern one. That lead to some printing of new maps. And you gave me your list of overnight places.

So after 35 days of walking I reached Nidaros on Thursday afternoon. It was a fantastic trip. Nevertheless there was rain, storm, thunderstorm, sunshine, a bit of snow. Everything that can happen to a pilgrim.  And of course I lost my way every now and then. If it was my fault or if the marking was not clear enough ( or gone) I think it was both. ( e.g. the marking to Ryphusan, which was a very beautiful place - especially the next morning when the sun was shining, was quite bad.  I mean that part on top of the fjell where it is very boggy. Also von Buvika to Sundet Gard along the camping site till the ferry boat is bad marked.) And some other place as well, the way needs and deserves a better marking. If in yellow or in red, thats not my problem. It must be put at the important places behind a crossing or in sight if is a landscape without clear path. Some communes do it very good and others do not. ( But I am sure you know all this. )

And I would wish me some more refugios. I think this is a chance for the church which they should realize. And i loved these small plces at farms, also more of those. Then its a bit easier to make shorter or longer routes, depending on the weather or your personal condition. And more chances of bying food - or at least more infos where it is possible to do some shopping, because very often the path seems to avoid the village.

And I think some parts are more possible for professional trekkers than for pilgrims ( e.g. the last part before the new pilgrim centre in Dale Gudbrands Gard. And when it is bad, rainy weather it is even worse ( slippery and too steep and small and bad marked.) It would be fine to have an alternative that is not that steep and narrow and slippery.

I think the path should be possible for day trips and for the pilgrims. And pilgrims, I think, dont always want to climb up the mountain to have one fine view and the climb down again. Whereas lonely walking is fine. But this is all MY PERSONAL VIEW of the pilgrims path.

I was a very good experience I do not want to miss it. It is a completely different experience - and that is good. I would not want a Camino in Norway.

I took about 3500 photos again. May be I will make a "Pilgrims Diary with Photos" or a " Photobook with excerpts from my diary". I will find out. And if a photo exhibition is possible I also must find out ( the quality). What would you be interested in? Is there any support possible?

So, thats it by now. Thank you for your support before I started it was helpful and led me to some very fine refugios.
Best wishes


My photos from the camino: www.jakobsweg-2007.de

And I met those guys who were making a TV film for the Norwegian TV  and I met that group of German journalist and gave them some pilgrim infos in addition to the official ones. I do not know if it helped to make things clearer - I hope so.

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